Heath and Whitni

Heath and Whitni

Thursday, March 13, 2014

6, 7 months & 5 years!

Okay, well, Gunner's 5 month update was super late and I missed his 6 month update all together. So, here is his 6 month and 7 month update all rolled into one post along with Sister's 5 year update! I will update with our family happenings soon, but wanted to make sure I got all of the important stuff about our kiddos down now so that I don't forget any more than I already have! :)

At 6 months Gunner:
- weighs 15 pounds and is 26 inches long.
- wears size 2 diapers and 6 month clothes.
- has a head of even more blonde hair that has a mind of it's own! It sticks up all over the place and drives Momma crazy. 
- has tried several different foods: avocados, sweet potatoes, green beans, green peas, apples, mangoes and carrots, with avocados and sweet potatoes being his favorites. He's not a fan of green beans or carrots - he spits them back out at us!
- still eats around 6 ounces of milk every 4-5 hours.
- has had a hard time getting back on a sleep schedule after all of his ear infections (he had another round of double infections this month,) but on a good night he is up twice during the night. On a bad night sometimes twice becomes 6 or 7. It's been an exhausting month for baby and Mom!
- has become more of a Momma's boy due to being sick.
- loves his sister and wishes so badly that he could be big like her and play like she does.
- babbles more every day. He is now using the "da" syllable more than anything and loves to hear his voice!
- is doing even better about car rides. He "talks" to me the entire drive to daycare every morning.
- is starting to show so much emotion in his facial expressions! He is one funny little dude!
- has suddenly decided he loves his paci again and almost constantly has one in his mouth.
- is rolling all over and now gets up on all "fours" and attempts to crawl. No movement yet, just rocking on all "fours."
- still no teeth. Lots of drool, but no teeth!

At 7 months Gunner:
- weighs over 15 pounds and is around 26 inches long.
- wears size 2 diapers and 6 and 9 month clothes.
- has even more blonde hair that sticks up and is growing over his ears!
- loves to smile and babble all sorts of "words."
- constantly laughs at Tagun! He loves his sister!
- went on his first vacation! We went to Fort Worth to visit my Baba.
- is very social, but still only wants Momma when he is tired or not feeling well.
- eats around 6 1/2 ounces of milk every 4-5 hours.
- is usually up twice in the night, but since we are still battling ear infections, sometimes it's more.
- loves to eat his baby food that Momma makes at home.
- has mastered crawling and has pulled up on things twice! Momma and Daddy aren't ready for his growing mobility!
- still loves his paci!

Tagun turned 5 years old on February 14 this year. Heath and I can't believe it! She will be starting Kindergarten at Wall Elementary this August. It seems like it was just yesterday I met this sweet blonde-headed, blue-eyed baby girl who was barely walking or talking and now she is running all over and has been known to be quite the chatter-box! She is beautiful and Heath and I are so proud of the wonderful child she is growing into! We took her to Mr. Gatti's for her birthday on her actual birthday, and she had an absolute blast playing! Heath played several games with her while Gunner and I watched and Tagun was so excited to have him there to help her. This past weekend we threw her birthday party and again, she had a blast! The theme was "animal print" and she had several friends over to celebrate with her. She got lots of presents and was loved on a ton! We played "Pin the Tail on the Zebra" and it was a hit!

This year has been so fun with Tagun. It started out with her as our only child and ended with her as a big sister. She loves Gunner so much and is still so excited to be his big sister. She is great with him and loves to help. She was taking gymnastics classes earlier in the year, but decided she would rather play soccer. She has had several practices and 2 games and is such fun to watch! She is learning her alphabet and numbers and is doing better with them each day. She is still on the small size for her age, but she is so smart. She is wearing mostly 5t clothes and is our little fashionista. She loves big bows and lots of glitter! We are so proud of the big girl she is becoming and we can't wait to see what the next year brings with her.

Tagun and Daddy playing games at Mr. Gatti's 

 Our big 5 year old eating pizza and spaghetti on her birthday

                                                       Sweet girl before a soccer game!

Whew...another update down. I will try to be better about these updates, but we are just having so much fun it's hard to slow down!

From our little family to yours

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