Heath and Whitni

Heath and Whitni

Thursday, March 13, 2014

6, 7 months & 5 years!

Okay, well, Gunner's 5 month update was super late and I missed his 6 month update all together. So, here is his 6 month and 7 month update all rolled into one post along with Sister's 5 year update! I will update with our family happenings soon, but wanted to make sure I got all of the important stuff about our kiddos down now so that I don't forget any more than I already have! :)

At 6 months Gunner:
- weighs 15 pounds and is 26 inches long.
- wears size 2 diapers and 6 month clothes.
- has a head of even more blonde hair that has a mind of it's own! It sticks up all over the place and drives Momma crazy. 
- has tried several different foods: avocados, sweet potatoes, green beans, green peas, apples, mangoes and carrots, with avocados and sweet potatoes being his favorites. He's not a fan of green beans or carrots - he spits them back out at us!
- still eats around 6 ounces of milk every 4-5 hours.
- has had a hard time getting back on a sleep schedule after all of his ear infections (he had another round of double infections this month,) but on a good night he is up twice during the night. On a bad night sometimes twice becomes 6 or 7. It's been an exhausting month for baby and Mom!
- has become more of a Momma's boy due to being sick.
- loves his sister and wishes so badly that he could be big like her and play like she does.
- babbles more every day. He is now using the "da" syllable more than anything and loves to hear his voice!
- is doing even better about car rides. He "talks" to me the entire drive to daycare every morning.
- is starting to show so much emotion in his facial expressions! He is one funny little dude!
- has suddenly decided he loves his paci again and almost constantly has one in his mouth.
- is rolling all over and now gets up on all "fours" and attempts to crawl. No movement yet, just rocking on all "fours."
- still no teeth. Lots of drool, but no teeth!

At 7 months Gunner:
- weighs over 15 pounds and is around 26 inches long.
- wears size 2 diapers and 6 and 9 month clothes.
- has even more blonde hair that sticks up and is growing over his ears!
- loves to smile and babble all sorts of "words."
- constantly laughs at Tagun! He loves his sister!
- went on his first vacation! We went to Fort Worth to visit my Baba.
- is very social, but still only wants Momma when he is tired or not feeling well.
- eats around 6 1/2 ounces of milk every 4-5 hours.
- is usually up twice in the night, but since we are still battling ear infections, sometimes it's more.
- loves to eat his baby food that Momma makes at home.
- has mastered crawling and has pulled up on things twice! Momma and Daddy aren't ready for his growing mobility!
- still loves his paci!

Tagun turned 5 years old on February 14 this year. Heath and I can't believe it! She will be starting Kindergarten at Wall Elementary this August. It seems like it was just yesterday I met this sweet blonde-headed, blue-eyed baby girl who was barely walking or talking and now she is running all over and has been known to be quite the chatter-box! She is beautiful and Heath and I are so proud of the wonderful child she is growing into! We took her to Mr. Gatti's for her birthday on her actual birthday, and she had an absolute blast playing! Heath played several games with her while Gunner and I watched and Tagun was so excited to have him there to help her. This past weekend we threw her birthday party and again, she had a blast! The theme was "animal print" and she had several friends over to celebrate with her. She got lots of presents and was loved on a ton! We played "Pin the Tail on the Zebra" and it was a hit!

This year has been so fun with Tagun. It started out with her as our only child and ended with her as a big sister. She loves Gunner so much and is still so excited to be his big sister. She is great with him and loves to help. She was taking gymnastics classes earlier in the year, but decided she would rather play soccer. She has had several practices and 2 games and is such fun to watch! She is learning her alphabet and numbers and is doing better with them each day. She is still on the small size for her age, but she is so smart. She is wearing mostly 5t clothes and is our little fashionista. She loves big bows and lots of glitter! We are so proud of the big girl she is becoming and we can't wait to see what the next year brings with her.

Tagun and Daddy playing games at Mr. Gatti's 

 Our big 5 year old eating pizza and spaghetti on her birthday

                                                       Sweet girl before a soccer game!

Whew...another update down. I will try to be better about these updates, but we are just having so much fun it's hard to slow down!

From our little family to yours

Holidays and another month older!

Ok - so now you see why I said in my first post that I would "do my best" to keep up with this blog...I'm running way late with updates! Here is Gunner's 5 month update as well as the details on our holiday season that I started back in January. I'll update with months 6 & 7 in the same post soon!

Wow...I'm late on Gunner's 5 month update. As you can guess, it's been busy around the Cary house. I feel like I say that every month, but it is the truth. We are constantly on the go. Thankfully, our children are accustomed to life on the move and take each adventure as it comes!

Since the last time I posted, Christmas and the holiday season has come and gone! We had a great Christmas and every second we had as a family of four! We started our Christmases on the Saturday before Christmas when we had Heath's parents, Meme and Papa, at our house for lunch. I made a lasagna - from scratch, which is a big deal if you know me - and we visited and Tagun opened the kids gifts. Gunner slept through almost the whole visit, which didn't bother Tagun...that meant she had everyone's attention all to herself! The Sunday following, we loaded our little family up in time to make it to church in Eldorado, then we went to lunch at my grandparent's, Mur and Pa's house. Pa was sick and didn't get to join in on our fun, but we had a great time! We ate lunch, visited and opened presents with Mur, Mom, Dad, Karli and Nolan and my Aunt Tracy, Shorty and Jaime. We all got lots of goodies and Tagun stole the show! Gunner slept through it all...again! We had a great time!

I was off of work from December 23 - January 2, so on Monday the 23rd, the kids and I went to Mom and Dad's house for a Christmas Cookie Bake. Gunner played with his toys while Mom, Tagun and I made Christmas cookies and other goodies. Tagun had a blast icing the cookies and we made a huge mess with sprinkles, but it was so fun watching her meticulously ice each cookie and cover it with sprinkles of all different colors. That was definitely a tradition I am excited to keep in the years to come! Tagun spent Christmas Eve with her mom, which left Heath and I time to finish the last minute shopping we had put off. As always, we went to Christmas Eve service with my parents and then opened gifts at their house afterward. Any guesses as to what our little man did? He slept. HA! On Christmas Day, we picked Tagun up and spent the morning opening and playing with gifts. Santa brought her a big-girl bicycle and a helmet to go with it, so she rode it around the house in between playing with her other gifts. Santa brought Gunner a new play mat that he has quickly learned how to destroy! Shockingly enough, Gunner stayed awake long enough to get to see what Santa brought and to watch his sister open both of their gifts from Heath and I. Shortly afterward though, he went down for a morning nap. Mom, Dad, Karli, Nolan, Meme and Poppy came over for lunch and we all spent the afternoon watching the kids play with their new gifts, playing games and visiting. It was such a wonderful day of family time! On December 28th we took Tagun back to her mom to enjoy time with her cousins and family.

Heath, Gunner and I went to Mom and Dad's for New Year's Eve. Mom and Dad were having one of Dad's cousins and his wife over as well. We ate dinner and played Monopoly which lasted until around 12:30. I put Gunner to sleep in Nolan's room around 7 and he was still asleep when Heath and I went home for the night...by ourselves! That's right - Gunner had a sleepover at Honey and G'Daddy's house! He did very well and only woke up twice in the night to eat. Heath and I enjoyed having a night to ourselves to sleep UNINTERRUPTED!! Ha! It's the little things in life that are exciting once Parenthood sets in.

Gunner is doing great at 5 months! He is officially eating pureed foods and is loving them. We have had some health issues this month - he has had his first ear infections. He is still a very happy baby considering that his ears hurt him so badly. Hopefully we can fight these infections and have him back to 100% soon.

At 5 Months Gunner:
- weighs around 14 pounds and is around 24 inches long.
- wears size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes.
- still has a head of blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes.
- loves to eat avocados and sweet potatoes.
- eats around 6 ounces of milk every 4-5 hours.
- is usually up twice during the night to eat (unless his ears hurt, and then he is up several times!)
- has become a master at rolling all over the place.
- is still a Momma's boy at night, but loves his Daddy too!
- loves when Sissy is home and can play with him.
- is much better about being in the car! He is actually enjoying his car seat these days!
- babbles like crazy!
- isn't a huge fan of his paci anymore. He would rather chew on his hands.
- does wonderful at Mrs. Cayla's house with the kids while Mommy and Daddy work.

                                                              Gunner at 5 months!

I will leave you with a few pictures of the last month of the kiddos! I'll try to do better about posting our updates, but if I'm running late, just know that I am enjoying Mommy-hood to it's fullest! :)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

4 months & holiday fun!

Today Gunner Heath is 4 months old!! We can't believe the months are flying by as quickly as they are! 4 months ago right now, Heath and I were waiting for our sweet little monster to make his appearance. He has made that wait absolutely worth every second!

I had to include an outtake! Every time I try to get a good photo of Gunner, he ends up spitting up and I capture the moment on camera! I have several photos that are similar to this...beginning way back at his one month pictures!

 At 4 Months Gunner:
- weighs over 14 pounds and is around 23 inches long. (We have our 4 month check up today, so we'll know better measurements then.)
- wears size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes along with a few 0-3 outfits and some 6 month outfits!
- is growing more hair, but it's getting lighter! He might be a blondie like his sister!
- loves to eat and loves his apple juice! He eats around 5 ounces every 3-4 hours (even during the night!)
- is doing great at holding his head up on his own and looking around from side to side!
- tries so hard to sit up on his own, but isn't quite strong enough yet!
- has rolled over from tummy to back twice while Mommy was watching!
- still loves his bath time and is getting better about the getting out of the tub process!
- loves to smile and "talk"!
- sure loves his Momma, but loves his Daddy too!
- loves to have Sister in the backseat of the car with him to play and talk!
- is getting better about tummy time...especially since he can hold that head up and roll if he wants to!
- is taking his paci less and less, but loves to chew on his hand and teether toys!
- still gets up 2-3 times in the night to eat.
- has gotten more accustomed to his car seat and seems to fall asleep easier while in the car!
- does great at Mrs. Cayla's house during the day while Mommy and Daddy work!

This month has been another fast and furious month for the Cary family! We have spent several weekends at the ranch hunting and spending time as a family and Mommy and Daddy have been spending our time gearing up for Christmas!

Heath and I took Tagun to see Frozen the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving. Honey kept Gunner at her house so that we could take Tagun, and we were so glad we did! The movie was so cute and Tagun loved it!! As we left the theater, she was already singing one of the songs she heard during the movie. I think it's a good bet that this is going to be her new favorite Disney movie!

Thanksgiving this year was spent with Heath's family in Junction. Heath's grandmother got to meet our little man for the first time, and Tagun got to play with her cousins (which she loved!) After our Thanksgiving meal, we went back to the ranch in Eden and Tagun and I went hunting that afternoon while the boys stayed in camp and napped. Tagun and I only saw 3 does - nothing worth shooting - but we had a blast in the blind together! I always forget just how noisy our little 4-year-old is until we are in a situation where we need to be quiet! I think every deer in Concho County knew that our blind was occupied, but we had so much fun and Tagun loved watching the little does eat and play. It was definitely an afternoon that I won't soon forget and I hope she enjoys hunting with me for years to come!

After Tagun and I hunted that afternoon, Gunner and I loaded up and headed back to San Angelo to get ready for Gunner's first Black Friday shopping marathon with Mommy, Honey and Meme. He did great and was such a trooper. We drug him in and out of the car at many stores and he just took it all in stride! I know in years to come he will rather spend the day with Daddy at the ranch, but I so enjoyed having my baby with me all day, and Tagun loved her time with Daddy all by herself!!

We ended our Thanksgiving weekend by decorating our home with Christmas decor, lights, trees, stockings and lots of other fun stuff! Tagun has her own Christmas tree in the playroom and is so proud of it! She decorated it all by herself and even requested that Daddy make the tree "flash" for her. I love seeing the wonders of Christmas through her sweet little eyes! I can't wait to have her the week before Christmas and to be able to make cookies and talk about Jesus' birthday and the real reason we celebrate Christmas! As hard as they are sometimes, I love her questions about Jesus and I love our conversations about him. Those are the moments in every parent's life that are reassurance that we are doing the right things and teaching our babies well!

We are so excited to celebrate Christmas this month with BOTH of our sweet babies and our families. We will be having Christmas Day festivities at our house this year and Heath and I can't wait to finally be able to host our families in OUR home!

I'll follow with a few pictures from the last month. As always, I hope you enjoy this glimpse into our life as much as we have loved making these memories!!

                                                        Gunner sure loves his G'Daddy!!!

 Little man was playing one evening and seemed so happy...as I rounded the corner coming into the room I was greeted with this hilarious photo-op. He was content playing with his other toys while this one sat on his face! He is so goofy sometimes and we love it!

                     Sister showing Gunner how to play her LeapPad at the ranch one afternoon.

                                                            Our sweet little turkeys!

Papaw made Tagun a swing out at the ranch and she loved it!
                            Sister before watching Frozen! She had so much fun with her "sunglasses!"

                                            Tagun and I during our afternoon hunt together

We hope your holiday season is full of peace and joy and that we all remember the Reason for the Season!!

From our family to yours...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gunner is 3 months old!!

At 3 months Gunner:
- weighs a little more than 12 pounds and is around 23 inches long!
- wears size 1 diapers and 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes!
- still has a head of brownish-blonde hair!
- loves to eat and loves his juice too!
- still loves bath time, but hates to get out of the bath!
- is trying very hard to sit up by himself!
- has gotten very good at holding his head up and looking from side to side!
- loves to smile and "talk" to anyone who will listen!
- loves to snuggle with Mommy and Daddy!
- loves his sister and wants so badly to play with her like a big boy!
- still doesn't like tummy time, but tolerates it when he has to!
- only takes a paci now and then to help himself go to sleep; he has discovered he would much rather suck on his hand!!
- is still up twice in the night to eat, but is very good at going right back to sleep after his tummy is full!
- has decided that he doesn't like his car seat as much as he used to. He usually screams for the first 5 minutes of every car ride until he finally settles down.
- has discovered that when he wants attention his "fake cough" works well!
- tries very hard to sit up on his own when propped up! 

This month, just like all of the others, has flown by far too quickly for Heath and I. It's hard to believe that 3 months ago today we were snuggling our new little love and memorizing every inch of his sweet little self! We love each of the new things he has accomplished, but also wish that time would slow down a little. We aren't ready for our boy to be big yet!! He officially started going to "daycare" on November 4. A good friend of ours, Cayla, is keeping him at her home during the days. She has 3 little one's of her own and she and her husband have graciously taken our Gunner into their family while Heath and I work. I would love to be able to stay home with him, but the next best thing is having him with someone that we know will love and take care of him just as we would. It was a hard first week, but we're slowly getting into the swing of things and Gunner does great being away from us! He loves the attention he gets from the kids and loves all of the fun and noise that goes on around him. Soon enough he will be up and running around with them and causing Cayla all sorts of headaches!

The big excitement of this month was Halloween! Gunner was a buck deer, and his Mommy thought he was just the cutest thing! His Daddy and G-Daddy disagreed and decided that they will be in charge of costumes for next year. Sadly, we didn't get to see big sister for Halloween, but we look forward to next year when we get both kiddos for the holiday and we can go Trick-or-Treating as a family. The Center for Student Involvement here on campus at ASU threw a Halloween party on the afternoon of the holiday, and so I thought it would be a great opportunity to show off our little guy! He and I went to their costume party along with mom and Jennifer, my boss. Everyone thought he was the cutest little thing and he had so much fun that as soon as we got back to my office he fell asleep. So, I just put him down on a pallet in my floor and he slept until it was almost time for us to go home. It was so fun getting to show him off and having him with me that afternoon. I wish I could have him in my office more often...I might not get as much work done, but at least I would have my sweet boy with me!
                                          Little man napping in the floor in Mommy's office

This year, we decided that we would just go to Honey and G-Daddy's house for dinner and to show off Gunner's costume. Unfortunately, we didn't make it to their house in costume! Right before we were ready to leave, Gunner decided to have a blow-out diaper, then as I was changing it, he decided to wet alllll over everything!! So, we laughed, changed his clothes and mine and went to Honey and G-Daddy's to help pass out candy. We had fun and there were lots of little ones out in costume.
                                                    Our little "deer" in his costume!

My mom and I took the kiddos to the Pumpkin Patch out in Grape Creek to buy pumpkins and see all the fun stuff. Tagun had much more fun than Gunner - he slept through the whole thing! Tagun enjoyed the cut-out characters that were set up, the playhouses, the toy vehicles to climb on and most of all the pumpkins! There were pumpkins of every size and shape available for sale. We bought a medium sized pumpkin to decorate and several small pumpkins for Tagun to play with at home! It was a blast!
                                                   Our sweet babies at the Pumpkin Patch!

Deer season is still in full swing and our weekends are either spent in Eden at the ranch or with Heath in Sonora and the kids and I traveling to visit him while he's there. Our sweet little ones have gotten so used to being packed up and hauled to one place or another. Thank goodness they don't mind traveling (most of the time!)

My sister and I took the kids to Mr. Gatti's for the first time ever a couple of weeks ago, and while Gunner slept through the fun (again), Tagun absolutely loved it. She had never been and was mesmerized by all of the games, rides and prizes to be won! As we sat down to eat dinner before playing games, she looked at my sister and said, "KK - this is a wonderful family dinner!" HA! She has more personality than she knows what to do with sometimes, and it is so fun to watch the world through her eyes! I have never been shy of letting my hatred of Mr. Gatti's be known, but after spending 3 hours with Tagun and seeing her excitement, I understand how it is that Gatti's is still in business! Parents will do ANYTHING to see that sparkle in their child's eyes...and Tagun's eyes were sparkling brighter than I've ever seen! I have to admit that it was a blast, and Heath and I have promised to take her back soon.

                                       Sister's big night at Mr. Gatti's! Just look at that smile!!

We have had a fun and exciting month, and we still just can't believe that either of the kids is as grown up as they are! We are loving each and every second we have with each of them and are looking forward to the Holiday season! I'll leave you with a few more photos of our littles! We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoy making the memories!
            Sister sure loves her brother...brother is thinking he'd rather be doing something else!

                          Mommy and G before work/daycare one morning! Sure love my boy!

Daddy watching Gunner lift his head and talk to the mirror at our last doctor appointment.

From our family to yours...

Monday, October 14, 2013

Gunner's first two months - a little late!

Well, since I'm just now getting back to blogging I'm going to do Gunner's one and two month posts in the same post. I'll be better about blogging - I promise!!

One Month!

Our sweet boy turned one month old on September 12. It was a hard day for Mommy - one whole month meant that Mommy would have to go back to work soon!

At one month old, Gunner:

- wears newborn size diapers and newborn size clothes.
- loves to EAT, EAT, EAT and sleep!
- loves bath time, hates having to get out of the bath!
- tolerates tummy time for short periods of time, mostly he really doesn't like this part of our day!
- smiles a little, but loves to coo and "talk" to anyone who will listen!
- loves to snuggle with Mommy!
- takes a paci well in between feedings!
- has a head of light blonde-brown (sometimes it looks red) hair and dark blue eyes!
- weighs a little over 8 lbs (Mommy weighed him, but we don't go back to the doctor until his 2 month check-up.

The first month flew by far too quickly, and Heath and I realized that our sweet boy is going to grow up much too fast for our liking! It was so fun to watch his first month and all of the new things he accomplished...we are so looking forward to every new milestone - even if it means our baby is growing up!

TWO whole Months!!

At two months old, Gunner:

- wears size 1 diapers and mostly 0-3 month clothes. Some newborn clothes still fit!
- still loves to EAT, EAT, EAT!
- loves to be awake and play! Still takes a long nap in the morning and in the afternoon, but likes to     stay awake for a little while after each feeding!
- still only tolerates tummy time, but tolerates it better!
- still loves bath time, but still hates having to get out of the tub!
- has started to smile A LOT! And coo and "talk" much more!
- loves to watch Sister play and loves when she talks to him! He is so ready to be able to play with her like a big boy!!
- loves to ride in the car!
- still takes a paci, but is learning that it's not always what he wants!
- lifts his head and looks around for long periods of time!
- is up twice at night to eat, but is very good at going right back to sleep once his tummy is full!
- loves watching Praise Baby and Baby Einstein videos!
- still has a head of light blond-brown (sometimes red) hair and dark blue eyes!
- weighs in at a little over 11 lbs and is about 23 inches long! (We have a doctor appt this week and we'll have better measurements.)

**UPDATE: Gunner had his 2 month doctor appointment yesterday, and he weighed 11 lbs 12 oz, measured 22 inches long and his head was 14 3/4 inches. He is in the 48th percentile on weight, 17th percentile on length and the 89th percentile in head measurement! He's growing well and got a great report from Dr. Wehner!**

This month has been fast and furious for Gunner -  he's had to learn to enjoy life on the go! I returned to work on September 23. It's been hard leaving him every morning, but the blessing is that we have had several family members each take a week to stay with Gunner until we are ready to send him to Mrs. Cayla's for full-time daycare! It's wonderful being able to run home at lunch to feed Gunner and love on him for a little bit - it definitely helps break up my days at work, and even that short lunch time helps get me through the afternoons!

He got to go to the gym one Friday afternoon to watch Big Sister's gymnastics practice. We loved getting to watch her, and Gunner loved seeing himself in the mirror at the gym! 

Deer season started on September 28, and since then, we have spent every weekend in Eden at the ranch while Daddy hunts! The kids and I watch movies, take walks and frog hunt at the pond while Heath hunts and when he's not hunting, we all "explore" together! It's a true blessing when we are able to have both kids together...they love each other so much already!

These last two months have been the biggest blessings of our lives! We are so proud of our sweet littles, and love each and every moment with them!

From our little family to yours...

"For this child I have prayed..."

August 12, 2013 changed our world forever!! Heath, Tagun and I welcomed our sweet Gunner Heath into this world.

I have blogged in the past before, but have been terrible about keeping up with posting. I am going to do my best to be better about posting frequently and timely, as I want this to serve as a scrapbook for Tagun and Gunner in the future.

With that being said, here is our little man's birth story to the best of this momma's memory!

 We began going to Dr. Sutliff for weekly appointments at 36 weeks. At 36 weeks, I was dilated 2 cm and Dr. Sutliff thought that we might be having a baby sometime in those days following that appointment. Well, I didn't go into labor and we made it to our 37 week appointment. I was still dilated 2 cm, and again, Dr. Sutliff felt like "baby day" was coming soon. In true Gunner fashion, he decided to stay put for another week. At this point we were at 38 weeks and we knew that we wouldn't go past 39 weeks without having a baby - Dr. Sutliff wanted to give me every opportunity to deliver vaginally without Gunner getting to big. At our 38 week appointment, I had made super progress and was dilated to 4 cm!! So, we decided to go ahead and schedule our induction with the hopes that I would go into active labor sometime before then. Of course, that didn't happen. Heath and I walked into the hospital at 6 am on Monday, August 12, 2013 to begin the induction process with our first son! The registration process was very easy - the hospital already had all of my information from my admittance in May with a terrible stomach bug. We were told to go straight up to the Labor & Delivery floor and that a nurse would be waiting for us. We were both relieved to see that my nurse was a friend of ours! She weighed me one last time pre-delivery and I weighed a whopping 112 pounds! I had gained a total of 28 pounds during my pregnancy - a HUGE accomplishment for me! My nurse, Chelsea, had me change into my gown and get ready to be hooked up to IV's and such. Her shift was ending, so we didn't see her for very long before my new nurse came in. Again, we were very relieved to see a good family friend, Dana, walk in to be my nurse! Dana hooked me up to my IV and began a fluid drip then began a Pitocin drip around 7:30. Around 8:30 that morning, Dr. Sutliff made his rounds and broke my water. At that point I was dilated 5 cm. About 45 minutes later I started to have painful contractions. They weren't unbearable, but they were uncomfortable, so I asked for pain relief. Dana gave me a dose of Stadiol to help ease the contractions. That was one of the worst experiences of the day. That medicine took over my body and it was like I had no control! I couldn't even open my eyelids! I labored through several contractions like that and finally around 11 asked for my epidural. That was heaven! I finally was able to relax and enjoy bringing our sweet boy into this world!! Our families came in and we got to have a nice hour or so to chit-chat and enjoy everyone's company. G-Daddy sat by my bed the entire time and talked me through the morning...he was so excited to meet his new g-baby!! Around 12:15 Dana came in to check my progress and I was fully dilated!! It was BABY TIME!! Dana kicked our families out of the room and we got ready to have a baby! I pushed for around 45 minutes before Dr. Sutliff came in. He felt like Gunner wasn't making progress quickly enough, so he used forceps to help with delivery. At 1:16 pm, our sweet dark-haired little boy was born weighing in at 6 lbs 10 oz and he was 20 1/2 inches long!!

He was the most beautiful boy we had ever seen and we fell completely in love with him instantly! They cleaned him up and Heath and I got to spend a few minutes just the three of us before our families busted into the room! As soon as we gave the okay, our room overflowed with family who had come to welcome and love on our boy. They moved us to our postpartum room and we stayed until Wednesday around 1:00. We had lots of visitors - one very special visitor!! Big sister came to see us Monday evening and Heath and I finally felt like our world was complete! Seeing both of our babies together was a moment I will never forget. Tagun was so proud of her little brother and Heath and I were so proud to have them both.

Once we got home, Heath was able to stay one more day with Gunner and I before going back to work. My mom came to stay with me during the day that Friday. I had both kids and Gunner had a doctor appointment - I needed all the help I could get! When Gunner left the hospital he weighed 6 lbs 3 oz. At his first doctor appointment at 4 days old he weighed a whopping 6 lbs 6 oz! He was gaining weight fabulously and still continues to gain weight well.

That week was by far one of the most precious weeks of our lives and every day since has been a blessing!! We are so in love with our kids and feel like the most blessed parents on Earth!

I'll leave you with a few pictures from Gunner's birth day!

I'm going to try to be better about blogging our family adventures!

From our family of 4 to yours!